Extra Credit: "The Man..." SUPER VLB
The Man Who Fell Out Of Bed (p. 55)

In this story, a man who is seeming alright is told to go ot the hospital by his neurologist, who said that he had a "lazy" left leg. He was fine all day, and he took a nap in the evening and was fine, until he moved into the bed. There he "found" a severed human leg that he thought to be "peculiar" and cold. The he decided that it was a joke for New Year's Eve, that a nurse had moved it from the Dissecting Room into his bed. He threw it out of his bed, but he went with it, and it wound up attached to him. He was convinced that a foreign leg had attached to him, but he couldn't explain where the limb it had replaced had gone. He sees and feels it as being a foreign object, but to all outwards appearances it is his normal leg. This is caused by a lack of awareness in his hemiplegic limb.

-Stephen Marks

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