Hydroponics set up:Set up
  • trays for starting seedlings
  • 2 shallow trays
  • 2 buckets
  • perlite and vermiculite
  • 2 lengths of plastic tubing
  • fittings for the plastic tubing
  • nutrient solution
    Soil set up:
  • trays for starting seedlings and seed pots
  • deeper, larger trays
  • soil
  • watering can with water
  • "MiracleGro" fertilizer
    General set up:
  • grow lights
  • support system to hold tomato plants up
    (We started 80 soil seeds at Kate's house, and 80 hydroponics seeds at Cynthia's house. When these seeds germinated, we picked out the best of them and had 20 plants in hydroponics solution at Kate's house and 20 plants in hydroponics solution at Cynthia's house. We also had 20 plants in soil at Kate's house and 20 plants in soil at Cynthia's house.)
    1.Set up hydroponics system.
  • drill a small hole at the bottom of a shallow tray, and low on the side of a bucket
  • attach fittings to holes and connect with tubing
  • fill shallow tray with perlite and vermiculite
  • mix nutrient solution and put in bucket
    2.Set up soil system.
  • put soil in small plastic containers with holes in the bottom
  • put small plastic containers in tray so water will not escape and flood the house.
    3.Start seeds.
  • put several seeds in a small plastic pot with soil in it, using 16 pots in all
  • put 50 seeds in shallow tray containing hydroponics solution
  • when seeds have germinated (takes 7-10 days), transplant the plants that are the healthiest into larger setups for both hydroponics and soil systems
    4.Set up grow lights
    5.Feeding of plants:
  • water plants in soil when necessary, about every 3 days
  • flood hydroponic trays with water in bucket for 30 minutes twice a day
    6.Measuring plants
  • measure height every 3 days
  • measure width and length of leaves every 3 days
  • 3 days
  • observe color and general appearance of plants every 3 days
    7.Record observations
    Nutrient Solution:
    We used 20/20/20 fertilizer mixed with water.

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