By Kate Chiappinelli and Cynthia Collier

Cynthia's Hydroponics Plants

        In this experiment, we studied how plants grew in a hydroponics solution versus soil. We grew cherry tomatoes in a soil set-up and a hydroponics set-up. We observed and measured them to find out which solution made the plants grow faster and become larger. We measured the size of the leaves, flowers, and fruit of the plants. We measured the height of the plants themselves, and took notes on general color and appearance. We predicted that the plants grown in the hydroponics solution would grow better, because they would get the nutrients directly from the solution, and not have to spread their roots. Our results were actually very different from what we predicted. The soil plants grew, though not very fast, while the hydroponics plants were far from healthy. All the plants were stunted from insufficient light and the hydroponics plants were sickly and weak from an unbalanced nutrient solution.

        The purpose of this experiment is to test the difference between tomatoes grown in a hydroponics solution and the tomatoes grown in soil.

Background Information
Procedure and Materials
Error Analysis

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