Classification Lab: Kingdom Animalia SUPER VLB

   Kingdom Animalia: Phylum Chordata: Subphylum Vertebrata: Class Osteichthyes
   Common Name: Fish

  1. Classify to class
  2. Diagram with labels
  3. Write a descriptive paragraph

"Bony fish" are vertebrates with bony skeletons that most often live in water. Their respiratory system is composed of simple lungs or lunglike structures that accompany the gills, are used to breathe underwater. Bony skeleton fish also possess air bladders which are used by the fish underwater to raise and lower the body. This flotation chamber raises body the by taking in and removing gases from the air bladder. However, there are some fish which have evolved into modern lungfish. These fish are capable of living in areas that other fish cannot because of a lacking oxygen supply. The modern lungfish breathe by gulping air into their lungs. The spinal chord of fish is on the dorsal side. They also have many fins including tail fins, dorsal fins and others that are situated on the body for use in steering and propulsion. Fish eyes are located on the sides of their heads and the mouth is positioned on the front of the face. They are usually tall and thin and their body tapers towards the back. They can be many different colors. Common kinds of fish include trout, bass, salmon, and perch.

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